MFA Digital Production Arts, Clemson University

Current Projects

Augmented Reality (Mobile & Hololens) Augmented reality is the practice of enhancing the world around you with computer generated components. I have been developing augmented reality (AR) applications for both Hololens and mobile devices. I have been creating interactive art that is revolutionizing print and technology to create engaging experiences. I have also been researching exhaustion interfaces with AR as well as location based interactive storytelling. We are on the forefront of a drastic change in the way stories are told and explored, and I am helping reinvent it.


                (UNIVERSAL FOUNDATION)


This is a project that is meant to expose students to and support education in the arts fields and in partner school programs. At Universal we recognize lives are enhanced by discovering the arts and encourage positive self-expression. We applaud the creative spirit and talent of our youth.



As the precursor to VEnvI, the Dancing Alice project started off utilizing the alice.org software and moves created by myself. It was then moved to the software LookingGlass because students had the possibility to customize their characters.


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