MFA Digital Production Arts, Clemson University


This one and a half minute video is an overview of of the work I did creating a dynamic layerable ocean shader that uses a FFT wave algorithm to generate ocean surfaces based on a statistical model. This was the topic of my master thesis and was presented in the 2015 SIGGRAPH Dailies.

Peanut Butter Jelly is a group thesis project with volunteers. As part of a twelve person team, I modeled, surface, wrote RenderMan shaders, lit, and composited for this short animation.

Alien Oasis is a short animation created in the Clemson Production Class about a robot on mars trying to get a water sample. The production involved ten graduate students and spanned a semester. Due to the restructuring of the curriculum, the group decided to shorten the length of the film in order to produce a higher quality short.

Be The Good is an app that was created for based of user driven research. Creating this app involved establishing a need, creating wireframes, conducting user research on wireframes, creating a new iteration, designing the app interface, and then creating a video to showcase the end result. The end result also includes a second round of improvements based of a second round of usability tests.